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【Nanbu Bijin“Tokubetsu Junmai”Sake】
Nanbu Bijin “Tokubetsu Junmai” Sake is our signature Junmai Sake brewed with the locally grown sake rice called Ginotome. By brewing with a low temperature with extra time, it bring out the classical Nanbu Bijin’s elegant aroma and the good balance of umami and amami (sweetness)of the rice in taste.
You will feel a freshness right after tasting yet will be left with a lasting touch, this medium-body sake was awarded as world’s champion at IWC in 2017.
It is a great table sake to pair with your meals. When you serve cold, you will enjoy the fresh aroma and the gentle touch. When you serve warm, you will experience the round rich flavour of the rice in Sake.


Company Information

  • Number of staffs:40
  • Head office: Iwate
  • Established Year: 1902

Message to Cambodia

Dear Cambodian customers,
My name is Genta Umenai and I am Product Manager of Nanbu Bijin Sake Brewery. Charactoristics of our sake goes like this; Delicate and soft aroma in the beginning followed by the round rice umami taste which continues well until the clear crispy final. Our sake can be enjoyed with your meals- not only Japanese dishes but also Cambodian ones.

The pure and beautiful sake made in “Nanbu” in the Southern Japan (Iwate)

  • Founded in 1902, our company started off as “Nanbu Bijin” in 1951 named after the historical regional name “Nanbu” and the hope of bringing a clear beautiful sake to the world when the market was still full of sweetened low-seimaibuai sake. Our challenge to go abroad started in 1997 and continues until today. We got all our sake certified Kosher in 2013, Vegan in 2019. We plan on continuing brewing beautiful sake combining the past knowleadge with the latest available techniques.
  • We mainly use local sake rice “Ginotome” for the production and our aim is to brew sake which brings smile to your face upon tasting. Startng 2020, we added a brand-new bottling facility and a -5c storage so to strengthen the quality control. We asure you enjoy the new Nanbu Bijijn sake even more.