Fukushima Katsuo

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A well-balanced blend of the aroma of smoked sardines and mackerel, the sweetness of dried anchovy, and the umami of kelp.
A versatile type that matches any dish such as noodles, side dishes, and miso soup.
You can enjoy the taste and aroma of authentic Japanese food easily.

Company Information

  • Number of staffs:185
  • Head office: Kyoto
  • Established Year: 1922

Message to Cambodia

Dear Cambodian Customers , my name is Inouye Uta from Fukushima Katsuo. When we sell our products overseas, we want to combine “good taste, convenience, and conveying tradition”. “Dashi” is not only an ingredient, but also an important part of Japanese culture. We will continue to propose products that properly communicate Japanese food culture while also offering convenience that meets the needs of our customers.