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Rice varieties have origin from Japan and they are grown in fertile alluvial soil in the Mekong River Delta. We can supply freshly harvested and million rice to customers all year around. Let’s enjoy Japanese  rice.

Company Information

  • Number of people: 85 people
  • Head office: Long Xuyen City( Vietnam)
  • Established year: 1991

Message to Cambodia

Now Japanese food is known in the world. Japanese restaurant increase more and more in Cambodia too. We think about Japanese rice is the most important point in Japanese food. We glad to help Cambodian to enjoy Japanese foods.

Let’s enjoy Japonica rice grown in the Vietnamese land!

More than 20 years of establishment and development, Angimex-Kitoku Limited Company(AKJ) always upgrades, improves rice quality to satisfy higher and higher demand of market and bring tasty meals and safety for consumers’ health. Main products of AKJ are Japanese round grain rice(Japonica rice) and Vietnamese rice such as Jasmine fragrant rice, long grain rice for export mainly to Asian Neighboring Countries, Oceanian and North American Countries… and also supply to some supermarkets, restaurants in the country.