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Sake ”Hana Kizakura” is made from rice, koji, water, and flower yeast extracted from yellow chelly blossoms that is called “Kizakura” in Japanese. This flower yeast gives sake fruity arom such as melon, and gives smooth and clear taste. This sweet and fruity sake with alcohol 12% is suitbale for Sake beginners and people who never try any Sake. We also recommend for ladies and local people because the bottle is pink, and cherry blossoms is printed on label. Also this fruity sake goes well with seafood, sushi, and sashimi.

Company Information

  • Number of stuff: 245 people
  • Head office:Kyoto
  • Established year: 1925

Message to Cambodia

Kizakura is a younger comopany relatively among Sake brewries in Japan. However, a variety of portfolio satisfying the needs of market, and high quality Sake with reasonable price have made our brand popular in Japan. Our next challenge is that we would like people in Cambodia to drink our special Kizakura Sake using the water “Fushimizu”, and to enjoy our Sake with Japanese foods. Kizakura always try to satisfy your needs and provide any opportuinities relating to Sake.
Enjoy Sake! Enjoy Kizakura !

Fine Sake from Kyoto

Kizakura, established in 1925, is a successful Japanese Sake brweing company concentrating on Water and Rice, the most important elements in producing the highest quality Sake.
Kizakura combines the precious secrets passed on from generation to generation and modern brewing
techniques to provide a deliciously evolved taste that corresponds to changing taste and lifestyle. Kizakura thinks that our mission is to convey the goodness of Japanese Sake, foods, and culture through Kizakura to people all over the world including Cambodia from the ancient city, Kyoto.