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The first shochu produced by Kirishima Shuzo’s founder, Kichisuke Enatsu, in 1916 was a black koji-based shochu, which marked the start of Kirishima Shuzo’s long history. Kuro Kirishima recreates the flavor of that first black koji-based shochu.
【Aka Kirishima】
This shochu uses the purple Murasaki-Masari sweet potatoes, rich in polyphenols which react with the citric acid generated by the shochu koji to produce a bright red color that gives Aka Kirishima its name.

Company Information

  • Number of staffs: 500
  • Head office: Miyazaki
  • Established Year: 1916

Message to Cambodia

Enjoy best potato shochu in Cambodia too. You can enjoy on the rock, with hot water, cold water and soda. You can feel aroma taste.

1.We only use sweet potato which from southern part of Kyushu
2. We only use special water called KIRISHIMA REKKA SUI.