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KUBOTA’s flagship, a premium Junmai Daiginjo. The complex, pleasant flavor and flawless balance is crafted with expert brewing techniques. It has a floral, refined aroma that is in perfect harmony with the clean, silky and smooth texture. Recommended to serve slightly chilled or warmed to establish the presence of taste.

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“Perfect Ginjo for meals” – Food friendly, and complements a variety of dishes. The moderate aroma precedes a delicately flavored palate followed by a pleasantly clean and crisp finish. Served slightly chilled, at room temperature or slightly warmed to enjoy the best expression of a layered sake.

Company Information

  • – Number of staffs:185 people
  • Head office: NIIGATA / Branch Tokyo office
  • Established Year: 1830

Message to Cambodia

Hello,My name is Keiichi Nagatsuka of ASAHI-SHUZO SAKE BREWING. Our sake taste is crisp and dry so many customers can likely easy to drink. Please enjoy sake drinking!FROM OVERSEAS BUSINESS

The quality of sake can never exceed the quality of its ingredients.

A sake brewer once said, “The quality of sake can never exceed the quality of its ingredients.”
The rice used to brew sake has an enormous influence on its fragrance and taste.
The subtle flavor of KUBOTA has a surprising affinity with a wide range of cuisine. Enjoy it chilled or heated, as best suits the region of the cuisine or the season. The mellow, graceful fragrance and gentle taste of KUBOTA makes the combination of sake and good food all the more enjoyable, setting the stage for truly satisfying dining. The KUBOTA label is printed on carefully selected washi paper, a traditional craft product in Japan since ancient times. Made from the wood of a hybrid mulberry bush called kozo, washi is prepared with great patience in order to bring out the natural characteristics of the mulberry wood. The warm, refined, natural feel of the fine washi label that results is the perfect companion for KUBOTA.