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An excellent Daiginjo sake named after OZEKI’s founder. Enjoy the fruity aroma of a Daiginjo and the classical dry crisp taste.
It wins “The Monde Selection Gold Award” for fifth straight year, 2013-2017.

Company Information

Number of staff: 363
Head Office: HYOGO
Established year:1711

Message to Cambodia

Hello everyone in Cambodia ! You may think Sake is too strong to drink. But in fact, the alcohol % of Sake is normally between 13 to 15% like wine. We, OZEKI, have many kinds of Sake, not only dry one but also Sparkling sweet Sake(5-7%).You can look for your favorite one with our large selection of Sake.We hope you enjoy our high quality Sake.

Worldwide OZEKI with over 300 years history

OZEKI CORPORATION is one of the leading sake manufacturers in Japan. From its beginning in 1711 founded by Osakaya Chobei, the quality of Sake has always been our top priority. In 2011, we celebrated 300th anniversary. To meet the demands of overseas customers, we export to over 40 countries all over the world and established a Sake brewery in the United States in 1979 as a pioneer of Sake industry.