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Our mangememnt menber holds the cirtification of “Tofu Meister” in Japan. Therefore, we manufac- ture our tofu with Japanese method & facilities. For example, as a cogulant that consolidates soymilk, we use natural Nigari. By using Nigari, the taste of tofu becomes much better. Outside of Japan, there are very few tofus that use natural Nigari. Most of them use plaster as a cogulant.

Company Information

Number of staff: 50

Head Office: Ho Chi Minh

Established year:2007

Message to Cambodia

Hi, I’m Kien and Vide Director. I am Vietnamese but was born in Japan and lived there for over 30 years. Therefore, I know real Japanese quality and taste. Every day we work very hard like Japanese people in order to deliver our high quality of Japanese products to you. I am very happy if you like our products. Thank you!

Technical coraboration with Japanese companies

Vi Nguyen has a technical alliance with Japanese manufacturers. In the case of a technical alliance, we will invite specialists from Japan and conduct a training for half a year living in our factory. In addition, we dispatched our technical staff to Japan to learn Japanese quality management. Also, all of our management menbers well under- stand Japanese taste & quality standards because they all have over 30 year experience to live in Japan. Today, some of our products are also exported to major supermarkets in Japan, which means we meet the strict quality standards of Japan.