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Kotsunoiranai Tempurako Agejozu

This batter makes a thin, appealing coating. It can be chilled without getting sticky , and will still come out light and tasty if let to sit

Company Information

Number of staff: 7,505

Head Office: Tokyo

Established year:2001

Message to Cambodia

Our primary business areas are the manufacture and sale of pasta, pasta sauces, premixes, flour for consumer use, heat-and-serve products, dried noodles, chilled, refrigerated and frozen food products.We would like to offer you products that you could enjoy Japanese food at your home or restaurants in Cambodia.

We provide everyday processed food products covering the whole temperature range.

Nisshin Foods practices its motto “Pleasure to Your Heart, Health to Your Body,” and delivers “heartfelt pleasure and health” to consumers with a variety of food products including frozen foods and chilled foods.
Brand name products create trust from consumers, guarantee great taste and give peace of mind. Since the very beginning of its history, Nisshin Foods Inc. has been building up trust from consumers with their guiding philoso- phy, “The basis of business is built on trust”. Nisshin Foods Inc. has won the invaluable support from consumers and produced many goods with top market shares. Its commitment will remain unchanged in the future. In promoting greater satisfaction, more deliciousness and greater availability in products, Nisshin Foods Inc., as a top brand food company, will develop their strength in the market with new products of the existing major brands NISSHIN, MA・ MA, AO-NO-DOKUTSU and DE CECCO, and of new promising brands INIRIO in deli food.