Otafuku Sauce

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About 20 kinds of spice is blended by a lot of vegetables and fruits. It is a mellow sauce characterized by the rich sweetness of the particular raw materials “date”. It is “the professional taste” that continues being improved that repeats trial and error with an okonomiyaki restaurant, and was completed.

It is available for not only the okonomiyaki but also yakisoba, octopus dumplings and fried food.

Company Information

  • Number of staffs:600
  • Head office: Hiroshima
  • Established Year: 1922

Message to Cambodia

Section chief of Sales
Department, Overseas Sales
Department: Michiyuki Kurushima

We can send splendor of the Japanese foods culture to all of you. Including food made from flour such as the okonomiyaki, yakisoba, octopus dumplings which is our strength, I suggest a bakery and Japanese food and the menu of various genres such as the Western food as a general seasoning manufacturer.
We will engage in sending a wonderful meal to all of you in a keyword in “healthy”.

Great taste.Made with love.Always.

“Borderless food” of Otafuku Sauce spread all over the world
• “Borderless Hapiness”
Surrounding the beautiful is ”form of hapiness” that Otafuku Sauce aims for. When people gather around food, fun, kindness, and comfort are born naturally there. A product of Otafuku Sauce and the okonomiyaki are “Borderless Food” exceeding various boundaries to create a smile beyond the boundaries of people.We contribute in the future when “form of the happiness ” that is the ring of the people greatly spreads all over the world while considering global environment.
• We contribute to your smile and happiness on the axis of “health”.
We continued always having “the heart of Otafuku” to spread your smile and happiness; moreover we conducted the development and improvement of the product to have the mission to bring ”health, the richness and the sum” through food and contribute the society full of smiles since our founding. We realize that the reason why our product including “Otafuku Sauce” is favored is that a valuable opinion of customer makes our products grow through “the heart of Otafuku”.