Recommended Products

【S&B Golden curry mix 220g】
“Golden Curry” is made with S&B original curry powder and features rich aroma of spices and herbs. It is long-loved by many customers worldwide since its introduction.
You can make Japanese-style curry quickly and easily by stir-frying your favorite vegetables and meat, adding hot water, and adding golden curry and simmering.

Recommended Products2

【S&B Prepared wasabi in tube 43g】
The S&B’s tube wasabi has not only for pungency, but also authentic flavor and aroma of wasabi.
Use it to enjoy its unique flavor and pungency just by adding it to many kinds of food, such as soy sauce for Sashimi and Sushi, Soba and Udon. Also the usage can be arranged in many ways. Try it in any of your favorite dishes.

Company Information

  • – Number of staffs: 1431
  • Head office: Tokyo
  • Established Year: 1923

Message to Cambodia

We, S & B, hope to bring the happiness and enjoyment of food to people in Cambodia through our products. For that purpose, we will introduce various kinds of information and recipes about curry products and wasabi products, and liven up the food scene.

  • The first company to successfully manufacture “Curry powder” and “Wasabi paste in tube” in Japan

In 1923, we succeeded in manufacturing curry powder for the first time in Japan, and then we developed “curry roux product”(solid of sauce base) from curry powder. which is an all-in-one product that contains various spices, flour, seasoning, etc. for making it easy to cook curry at home. In addition, S&B also introduced wasabi paste in tube in the early 70’s, the first company to offer this type of wasabi product in Japan. Such innovative spirit and expertise by S&B represented as curry and wasabi products have contributed to enjoyableness of food for household in Japan and throughout the world.

  • “Bring natural life and happiness to every household”

We would like to help customers’ healthy and safe living through eating good food everyday. This is our desire.