How can we trade with DAISHIN?

You are very welcome to trade with us. Simply, please send us your information for our system to register, once your shop has been registered, you can get our Japanese products as wholesales price.

Does DAISHIN deliver the products to province?

YES, we can. We use kelly express system or bus service to send your products to any province from Phnom Penh. (shipping fee is excluded from products price)

Dose DAISHIN TRADING have any minimum orders for delivery?

After registered to our system, We will deliver our products to your store everyday without any minimum quantities.

What language can DAISHIN staffs speaks?

We can speak Khmer, English and Japanese. please feel free to contact us.

I want to open Japanese restaurant (or start Japanese menu), can DAISHIN can provide receipt or training?

Sure, we have many type of Japanese menu to support for you. Please feel free to ask our staff for more information.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes ,you can. however, please let us know as soon as possible.

What about Refunds?

If there’s any problem with our products, please report to us. We are happy to taken a proper action. We will accept return or refund within 3days after products are delivered.

What about Refunds?

What about Refunds?

What about Refunds?

What about Refunds?

What about Refunds?

What about Refunds?

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Please contact our team to support you business. TEL:023-5351-777 or info@daishintc.com

Need Support?

Please contact us to support your business.

  • Tel: 885-23-5351-777 /855-23-5351-999
  • info@daishintc.com

Trade with us?

Thank you for interested in trading with us, please go to below page to read more information.